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Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 100 Follower Giveaway!

Hi everybody!!

First off, I guess I was feeling rebellious, because I painted my nails something not on the 30 day challenge list *gasp*.  These aren't super unique, but I really like how they turned out. And I've gotten a ton of compliments on them, which always tells me I did SOMETHING right :)

Monarch butterfly nails:

I used Essie Braziliant, an opaque bright orange with a pink flash, and OPI Pros and Bronze, a semi-sheer gold and pink duochrome (one of my favorite polishes by far!).  Note: Pros and Bronze looks surprisingly amazing over orang.  I will have to do this as a whole mani sometime.

I know my blog is still a baby, and I still have a lot to learn, but I am super excited to have reached 30 followers!  So for you, my dear readers, I have a giveaway!

I found an entire mountain of boxes of On the Prowl at a Wegman's near me, so I was able to buy multiple sets of On the Prowl and not feel guilty that I was depriving anybody.

The giveaway prize will be:

Fantasy Makers Holo Glitter

picture in shade:

Picture in a little bit of sun, but unfortunately it is gray and rainy. In real life, this stuff has a very strong linear holo effect.

AND *drum roll* all eight of the much-sought-after On the Prowl collection!!

It's a good thing you all know what these look like, because this is officially the worst picture ever taken of this collection:

From left to right: Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Ready to Pounce, Cougar Attack, Tangled in my Web, Buy Me a Drink, Inkwell, Jungle Fever

Oh, Tangled in my Web, where have you been all my life?! And you, Behind Closed Doors... <3

To enter, just fill out and submit the form below.  Since I'm going on vacation Oct 6-11, this giveaway will be open until midnight on October 11.  Open to all!

Happy October!



  1. congrats on 30+ followers! may you get many more. and thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  2. Great giveaway! Thanks for hosting it :)

  3. Awesome giveaway! Congrats on 30 and growing!

  4. Love the butterfly nails!!! Congrats on 30+ followers and thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!!

  5. Thanks for this giveaway and congrats on reaching 30+ followers!

  6. congrats on 100+ followers!!!!
    thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  7. Congrats on 100+ followers :) nice giveaway

  8. Those wings turned out so wonderfully, great job!

  9. thank you for nice giveaway!
    btw I mistakenly press 'enter' when filling the 1st form. please do not disqualify me because it was a mistake
    thank you

  10. thank u 4 this awesome giveaway!!!
    i love wetn wild colors
    Behind Closed Doors is so dreamy! awwww :D

    kisses and best regards

  11. I just won this exact set on another blog-so I won't be entering here-but am a new follower-love the butterfly wings! Really great!

  12. Your butterfly wing mani is amazing!! OPI Pros and Bronze was the perfect polish to use to give it a beautiful sparkle! :)




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