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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 7 - Black and White

Hi again!  My internet is finally up again, which means I can resume posting on a regular schedule. Yay!  So that means I have yesterday's and today's nail to show you.

Day 7 of the challenge is Black and White.  I'm really quite proud of these nails!! And according to google images, nobody else has ever done this type of nail art before: skunk nail art! Don't diss it 'til you look at the pictures, yo :P

I mostly used standard polishes today, black, white, unnamed pink striper... however, on my thumb I have the holo-iest holographic nail polish ever! Collistar Nero Lurex! Unfortunately, I am still using my iphone (where is that package with my camera??), so I couldn't really capture it well in the pictures.... 

Collistar Nero Lurex applies like a dream! Opaque in one coat.  That is, if you can managed to stop looking at the constantly shifting color spectrum in the bottle! Once I broke out of my trance, it applied very well and dried a tiny bit gritty.  That wasn't a problem to me, it was nothing some top coat couldn't solve :) But I actually just stuck this polish on my thumb because it was an untried and I couldn't wait any longer to use it! The main star of the mani is:

the nail art!  Yes, it is a skunk. A very cute skunk.  Harmless.  This is how I like my skunks - painted.  No danger of stink spray.

Sorry I went a little pic crazy, but I don't think you'll mind :)

The black holo Collistar:

(indoor dim light)

(bright light) Ta-da!

Other polishes:

And the most important part!

(Unfortunately it got rainy while I was doing these and I couldn't capture the holo in my thumb :( oh well )

 So, what's the final verdict? Skunk nails - cute or weird?

I'm off to write today's post too,

Maria :)


  1. may I comment that although this is a skunk, it's friggin adorable? I miiiiight have to steal that sometime in the future.

  2. ^_^ Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised! I didn't plan to paint a skunk, but the challenge was black and white and skunk was the first thing that popped into my mind, so I figured, why not? If I do it again, I might try to paint a bushy black tail with white stripe on my thumb

  3. "Quelle est? Ah, le belle femme skunk fatale." I say it's weirdly cute (or cutely weird.)

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