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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween prep

Hello all,

Happy Halloween!! Yeah, I'm a little bit early, but I've always been very enthusiastic about holidays.  I like extra reasons to be happy.

Today's manicure wouldn't be possible without the glorious franken, Pumpkin Patch, that I bought from the wonderful blog My Nail Graffiti.  Her husband made these four frankens!! I bought Pumpkin Patch and Magic Dust, for $3 each, what a deal!

Since I am so fond of orange, and it is Halloween-time, I used Pumpkin Patch first.

It was very close to opaque in just one coat, and you could probably be ok with one if it were a thick coat.  I did two thin coats for these pictures.  And - guess what - these pictures are after four days! There's hardly any tip wear! Color me impressed.

The is the cute bottle: 

And a close up:

Notice not only the various sizes of green glitter, but also the gold microshimmer! How unique! I can easily say there is nothing else like it in my collection.  It is so interesting (in a good way) and I loved looking at it.  

Plus, did you notice I got a new camera? I'm still working on figuring out macro settings, but I can definitely see an improvement!
Pumpkin Patch, indirect sunlight, after FOUR days of wear:

*lalalalala I don't see that unevenly short nubbin lalala*

I had intended to do nail art on these on the second day, but I came down with a very bad cold. 

Using Barry M Spring Green, Finger Paints Cordur-orange, and a pumpkin-shaped glow-in-the-dark neon orange: (woops I think I had left it on macro, heh)

Here's what I put on today:

Cute, eh? A cross between preppy plaid and Halloween.  The green stripes, freehanded, really bring out the green glitter.  And the jack-o-lantern (awkwardly on my middle finger since it is still short) glows in the dark!

What do you think?


  1. I love what you did with this!! I am glad you like it!


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