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Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Subtle" Glitter bomb

Hey guys! What's up?

What's up for me is that I did something on my nails that I never thought I would ever do.  

That's right.

A french manicure.  


Since I've never had one, it was interesting to see what it looked like on my hands, and I admit it was nice and clean looking (though it also got me wondering if that's what my nails would look like naturally if they weren't polish-stained, ha).  

However, it didn't last even half an hour before I decided to bedazzle it!

I tried out two different effects, and I want you ladies to tell me which one you like better.

The polishes I used are:

Revlon Scene Stealer - My favorite sheer jelly polish, because it leans pink, just like my skin tone.  
China Glaze White on White - I've never used this alone, but for nail art work it is just the right consistency and fairly opaque.
Claire's Bedazzled - my favorite rainbow glitter.  It has large hexes of all colors, but also lots of blue microglitter to fill space on the nail.  It is very dense for a glitter topcoat and easy to work with - no poking glitter with your brush to try and make it stay where you want it to.

So, on my left hand I did: two coats scene stealer, two coats white on the tip, one coat scene stealer to soften things, then one coat of Bedazzled.  Finished product: 

Indirect sunlight:
Direct sunlight:
This one is definitely worth biggifying to see all the individual types of glitter!

And on my right hand, I did a variation on the same thing, but changed the layers: two coats white on the tip, one coat scene stealer, one coat bedazzled, one coat scene stealer.  The resulting jelly sandwich looks like this:

Indirect sunlight:
My right hand is shy to be seen on this blog, since the index and middle finger won't grow longer than that no matter WHAT I try.  I think I use them too much, even though I try not to.
Direct sunlight:

And then, before removing this three days later, I added an extra coat of scene stealer to my ring finger on my left hand, for comparison pictures.  (Left to right: without, with, without top sheer layer).

 So, what's the verdict? Which way do you like better?



  1. Ooo, I like this! The french mani is a nice clean base for looks like this.
    I don't have a preference for the Scene Stealer shot, although maybe *with* it your nail beds match your skintone more?


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