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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My friend Rena's nails

Rena was my roommate sophomore year.

That was a very fun year.

Rena is amazing.

On an unrelated note, Rena lets me paint her nails for fun and practice!

This post is dedicated to Rena. :)

One day, Rena came over to watch TV and just hang out.  Unsurprisingly, I hijacked her hands and she let me go to town and paint whatever I wanted!  I gave her a blue ombre manicure, and I think it turned out very well! These shades transition very nicely together.

I used, left to right:
OPI What's with the cattitude?
OPI No room for the blues
OPI Suzi says Feng Shui
Barry M Cobalt Blue
Maybelline Denim Dash

The paler hand is mine. 

This manicure was definitely a success. It is simple ans subtle, but still striking and attention-catching.  In fact, Rena told me some of her male friends even commented on it! To me, that means it must be something really special, if they noticed it.

We had fun after this manicure!  The nail polish drying dance:

A few weeks later, Rena asked me to paint her nails with a running theme, since she is an avid runner.  She has a fantastic blog over at http://milehogger.blogspot.com/ and her posts are always so much fun to read! She makes me wish I could run.

On her thumb, a replica of her actual running shoe.

On her other fingers, from left to right, a gold medal (made with striping tape), her Garmin GPS, a galaxy nail (her choice), and her specific water bottle.  I'm sure she will remind me of all the acutal names for these things, because I forget them.  My brain is busy speaking polish-speak, about dupes and CPs and layering and holos... no room left for running vocab.

 The ring I love:

 Posing like a nail blogger:

 All ten nails:

So, Rena, when can I paint your nails again?

This has been a public service announcement, reminding all us polish-aholics to remember about all the potential nail art canvases on our friends hands! :)



  1. This was a fun post. But then I'm biased. I feel so special. And definitely before I leave for Christmas we'll do a painting party AKA you paint while I watch Say Yes to the Dress. :)


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