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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 1: What you like most about Christmas

Hello all!

Time for another challenge, one that I'll actually finish this time!  Christmas is my favorite part of the year, tied only with the first month of summer :) so I couldn't turn down this challenge!

Day 1 is a manicure themed about what you love the most about Christmas.  What I love the most about Christmas is seeing decorations everywhere and feeling such a part of the community.  Even with all the stresses of the holidays, I feel like it is pretty impossible to be sad while walking down a street with Christmas lights on all the houses.

My manicure's base color was 3 coats of Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.  This is a beautiful and unique green polish, it has noticeable tiny flakies and glass flecks that give it an unparalleled depth! Then I put a matte top coat on it, and added white dots, then went over them to add color to my Christmas lights <3

(Pardon the cleanup, I know I only cleaned two nails....because I DROPPED MY PAINTBRUSH IN THE PURE ACETONE AND IT DISSOLVED! ha. ha. ha.  Frustrating though.  Lost a brand new brush and a giant bottle of pure acetone.  Sigh. Trials of being a nail blogger.)

So there you have it, my favorite part about Christmas is the Christmas lights :) What is your favorite part about Christmas, or the holiday that you celebrate?

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Merry Christmas!



  1. My favorite part of Christmas is all the knitting I do for presents. :-) Oh, and seeing all of our Christmas ornaments crammed on the tree. It makes it really pretty

  2. the polka dot mani is gorge! x


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