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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 2: Writing my Christmas Cards

Hello again,

On to the second post of the challenge! When I first saw this challenge, I signed up but then backed out because there are some very very tricky things on this list of theme.  For example, writing your Christmas cards.  But I decided I was up to the challenge and wanted to start regularly posting here agan, so, I'll take whatever themes they throw at me!

Day 2 - Writing my Christmas Cards

I did this manicure with a color I hated (Revlon Aloof, Edgy Elegance collection), and a design I hated (handwriting on my nails), and wouldn't you just know it, I LOVED this look! I kept it on for longer than just the one day of the challenge.  I am certainly going to try something like this again in the future.

The fine writing was done with my favorite nail art pen! That thing is glorious! One day I will own the whole set and then I will TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MUAHAHAHA. Here is the link if anybody else is interested in these. Or if Santa is reading.  Same difference.

44 cent postage stamp on my thumb - I know that price because I have to mail my rent in :P

Just a funny pose to show that it even looks cool when the words aren't aligned.

Dear blogger, PLEASE add a rotate picture function, because occasionally my computer glitches up and ALWAYS uploads a certain picture sideways. Grrrrrrrr. Well, you dear readers are just going to have to turn your heads I suppose.

And that's that! Did you write letters to Santa when you were little? I definitely did! I left them out with the cookies and milk and carrots (for the reindeer).  I guess I thought Santa had all the presents in the world in his bag, and would be able to read my note and pick out what I wanted :P

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Merry Christmas!


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