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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello? Can you hear me?

So, I just found out, that due to an unfortunate issue, 90% of my RSS subscribers haven't been receiving any of my posts! O.O The horror!

I think I've resolved the issue.

If anybody sees this, would you be so kind as to comment? Especially if you're one of the 90% who hasn't been getting anything from me?

Thank you so much!


Edited to add: OMG. It appears to have just sent out my 14 last blog posts?! If that is true, I do apologize for flooding your reader!


  1. For the longest time all I could see was your VERY first blog post, but now I seeeeee this :)

  2. I can see you now! I like Julie was only able to see your first post.

  3. Nope still struggling got an email today but definately not up to date will try various things this end


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