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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 4 - Green

Ciao bellissimi :)

Today is the fourth day in the 31 day challenge..  That means it is time for some GREEN nails :)

I love green nail polish, and for this challenge I chose to use two of my untried: SOPI Leaf Him at the Altar and my brand new Revlon Punk, along with a black nail art striper.

Revlon Punk - very well pigmented, it covered in one medium coat! This pale green dried with an almost foil finish, which surprised me.  It is different from anything else in my stash, and I'm glad to try it.  I can't wait to try the other seven from this collection (Edgy Elegance) that I bought last week!!

SOPI Leaf Him at the Altar - this is a gorgeous color, one I'm probably more likely to wear by itself than Punk.  It was a little bit sheerer than I'd expected, but I think it would cover in two coats.  It is also a light green foil, but this one is definitely green, whereas Punk almost looks silver in some lights.

The design is a simple but stirking almost-argyle pattern.  My lines aren't as clean as I usually like them to be... but that is how it sometimes is with handdrawn nail art.  I can appreciate that :).  And from far away it looks impeccable.

Again, disclaimer, the pictures aren't the highest quality, but my mom mailed me my good camera! So good pictures are in the future! (Spoiler: the best picture is at the bottom ;) )


Taken on my windowsill.  One coat of Punk, no cleanup yet since it is before the art:

Then I added the SOPI diamonds:

Then the outlines!

That's it for green!

Take care,


  1. I like them. But I think I liked them better without the black outline. Because the contrast between the different shades of green was great.

  2. Yeah, I actually felt the same way... With the black, from far away it all just looks like one green. But that's ok, I'm working on my blue day now!

  3. Haha I'm a dork and veer the other way and totally dig the black lines, but I'm a sucker for bold stuff -- I love the evolution of this, fun choice for green!

  4. I agree with the post above- I'm a sucker for bold stuff too, I prefer it with the black lines, it's like a fashion take on crocodile skin!


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