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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 8 - Metallic Nails

Oooooohhhh! Shiny. :) Shiny nails. I'm very fond of metallic nail polishes, so for day 8 of the challenge, I did money-based nails.  I used gold, silver, and bronze polishes to make a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar coin!

The colors I used were:

Claire's Tin Man - A stunning silver polish, with coarse silver glitter in a pigmented silver base.  This is definitely not a top coat; it is completely opaque in one color.  This is one of my favorite polishes in my stash, actually!

OPI Brisbane Bronze - a pretty standard Bronze color.  This one is almost opaque in one coat, but really needs a second coat for full coverage and depth of color.  It looks a little dull in the shade, but truly shines in the sun.  The formula is a tiny bit thinner than I like, but it applies fine.

Milani Gold Lamé: This is a nice little gold polish, it dries without much gloss.  It has no glitter in it, it is just a straight up gold.  I've never used it by itself, but this is a great polish to use as underwear for other colors, or  for nail art.  It needs two coats to be opaque.  In this mani, I used it as underwear for Revlon Gold Coin, just to bring out the gold, since that polish tends to lean more silver than the name implies it would.

Revlon Gold Coin - Again, a fairly opaque metallic polish, although it has a clear base and needs two coats to be completely opaque.  This color is like a white gold... it definitely leans warmer than your average silver, but it is not quite gold enough to call "gold" in my book.  I often layer this over Milani Gold Lamé, which results in a fantastic gold color, with flecks of many shades of gold and silver and a depth that looks like you used five coats!

Bottles on white background:

Bottles on dark background:

OPI Brisbane Bronze:

Milani Gold Lamé and Revlon Gold Coin (see how silver it looks, next to the true gold?)

Claire's Tin Man (I wish I could get a backup of this)

And the art! This was extremely difficult to get a flattering picture of, but I tried my best.  I also re-learned a nail art lesson that I keep learning and forgetting again: letters and numbers are much harder to paint than one would think! I'd rather do stripes or clouds or flowers any day.  Don't forget to check out the Milani Gold Lamé and Revlon Gold Coin combo on my thumb!




  1. Haha, how original! You get the prize for most original "metallic nails" on the challenge.


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