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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 3 - Yellow

Hi there -

Today is the third day in the 31 day challenge that is floating around the nail blogs.  That means it is time for some yellow nails :)

For my base color, I choose Saly hansen Mellow Yellow.  I've only used this once before on my toes, and I really liked it then, so I was excited to get a chance to use it on my fingers.  The accent nail is Revlon Banana Blaze, with a cute little face draw in a black nail art fine pen.  Maybe not the most creative idea ever... but it was cute :).  Excuse the dings in the picture, I wore this all day at the State Fair, and was pretty rough on them.

Mellow Yellow - this is a gorgeous pastel yellow that isn't toooo pale, which I like.  When a color gets too close to white, I don't like it on my skin tone.  However, it was a classic yellow polish in that it was very streaky and hard to smooth out.  It is ok with three coats (pictured), but now I'm wishing I'd done four.  Until I get a better replacement, this is still a keeper for me, since I love the color and it looks fine with Seche Vite on top.

Taken in sunlight: (agan, I'm sorry! The dings look so bad in these photos... I should have taken pics this morning before going to the fair, I suppose.)

 That's all for now! As soon as I post this, I'm going to paint my next day of nails! I'm excited, they're going to look really nice I think.

Enjoy the sun,


  1. Nice, but there is a scratch visible on your left middle finger. Jussayin. Also, if you put a spatter of red on the smiley face you could have Watchmen nails.

    For green have you considered dragon scales?

  2. I knooooooow :( I said they were dinged up at the fair... my apologies. And I haven't seen Watchmen, but splatters on nails are always fun :)

    I actually did my green mani late last night, so no dragon scales. I was actually thinking fish scales would fit in somewhere during the last two sections, so that'll be like dragon scales.


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