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Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5 - Blue

Hi there,

Time for day 5 of the challenge, which is BLUE nails!  I'm really enjoying this challenge.  Today's mani is definitely my favorite so far! This is an unusual color combination, but it has been on my mind since the moment I bought these polishes.  I'm curious if you like them together, or no?

I used Orly Sweet Peacock, and Jesse's Girl Baby Cakes.  Both of these colors are stunners!

Orly Sweet Peacock - a new polish which I'm sure you've seen before if you read any other nail blogs.  It is a gorgeous shimmery blue foil.  It applies very smoothly, opaque in one coat, but I used two to give it that extra depth.  I have nothing bad to say about this polish! (We'll see later tonight if it stains when removed...)

Jesse's Girl Baby Cakes - first off, can I say, I LOVE the bottles on these polishes!  They are just so cute and almost seem vintage to me.  I am definitely going to be buying more of this brand: cheap, high quality polish, with display-worthy bottles!  This bright neon pink applied very smoothly and dried in under a minute, with a matte finish that is typical of neons.  It is just so bright. I love it.

The nail art is a kind of dry marble technique.  First I painted three (sloppy) stripes, of blue on the outside and pink on the inside. Once that dried, I quickly painted over the blue again and then the pink (order is important, because the neon dries super fast), and then used a toothpick to drag the wet polish into the design you will see below.  I really like the effect - it kind of looks like I had neon pink nails but the blue nail polish is closing in on it from the sides to cover it.

Without further ado, the pictures:

Orly Sweet Peacock.  Sunlight, with purple background to help my camera which was freaking out and being very inaccurate with a white background.  This is pretty color accurate:

Same deal, with Jesse's Girl Baby Cakes:

 And the mani! Taken in sunlight:

What do you think? Do you like the pattern? And how do you think the colors go together?

Oh, and, do you think I should make the pictures a little bit smaller? I started with them big, and I do like them, but recently I'm thinking maybe I should make them a bit smaller?

Ta ta for now,


  1. love the electric blue. The patter is cool too

  2. The blue is so pretty! :-) I think the colors complement eachother nicely.

  3. Thanks Rena! The longer I have this on my nails, the more I think it looks like a pink chainsaw blade! LOL!

    And, thanks anonymous. It is a gorgeous blue, isn't it? :)

  4. I love the colors, super bold. I think I would steal this design but maybe change it up with the white "chainsaw" or maybe a robin's egg blue.

    I still give it an A+!

  5. That is a hot pink! I love that design, It would look amazing on all fingers!


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